Group Xmas Party Plans




11. 2016

The pub will be closed Dec 25 for this reserved seating only event. Only 60 seats will be available for each sitting. Once a year the pub becomes a restaurant. This is the day. You will be surprised.

Last night I was told that my description of the Christmas Feast in the poster was a little vague. Sorry about that! No space on the poster. This is a sit down do. Here is the detailed menu:

Starter: Salmon mousse, pork pate, anchovy olives, baguette

Soup: Vegetable soup, croutons & cream.

Main course: Turkey breast, English style sausage meat patties (made in-house), roast & mashed potato, green vegetables, home-made stuffing, cranberry sauce & the well-known Tavern Xmas gravy.

Dessert: Christmas pudding, brandy custard & ice-cream.

Cheese board: A variety of cheeses, crackers, nuts & fruit (self serve) with Port wine.

Cost: 7,500 yen per person (including tax).

Memo: This is a traditional English Christmas Feast. Food will contain meat (incl. pork). A single menu for all. If you have special requests/concerns, please ask away and we will try. But do not be offended if we cannot accommodate your requirements.

Reservation only.

Some spaces still available for the lunch sitting (2:00-5:00pm) and we reset for the the evening sitting (7:30-....)

*Children can be accommodated on the afternoon sitting only.. But caution, we have no kids plate.


Xmas Party Plans