MAR 2017 (May change over time)      

You have four drink options to accompany your food choices:

Option 1: Cash on the bar as you order. From our regular drinks menu.

Option 2: Run a tab for your table, and settle the bill at the end of the night. From our regular drinks menu.

Option 3: For parties of 10 or more, the token system: From three tokens per person @ ¥2,550. Tokens are prepaid before the event and can be redeemed, at the bar, for any drinks on our party menu. This plan is not time limited and is ideal for parties where participants arrive on a staggered schedule.

Option 4: For parties of 10 or more, All-you-can-drink (AYCD) system. ¥3,500/pp for two hour events. NB: the bar will call last orders after 90 minutes to allow a 30 minute drinkiing up time. Ideal for parties that can start and finish at a specific time. AYCD plans are based on our party menu.


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