Sept 2017 (May change over time)      

You have three drink options to accompany your food choices:

Option 1: Cash on the bar as you order. From our regular drinks menu.

Option 2: Run a tab for your table, and settle the bill at the end of the night. From our regular drinks menu.

Option 3: For parties of 10 or more, the token system:

The token system works in conjunction with our party food option .(NB Food options change regularly. See pub brochure for details).

From two tokens per person @ ¥3,200 including food. Tokens are ideally prepaid before the event and can be redeemed, at the bar, for any drinks on our party menu. This plan is not time-limited and is ideal for parties where participants arrive on a staggered schedule.

Reservations & 20% deposit are required 48 hours in advance.

When tokens run out, you can either buy more tokens at a flat-rate of ¥900/token, or individually pay cash on the bar. In the COD option, our full menu is available



Party Drinks Menu

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Party Food (Scroll down for English)

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