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The Meguro Tavern is much more than your local pub. Our fine food is complimented by a full cocktail menu (50 cocktails listed), a select wine list of fine Australian wines and, of course, a goodly assortment of draught and bottled beers as well as original craft ales brewed in our own brewery in Shinagawa. We also carry 40+ varieties of whiskey along with various other booze.

Our large, horse-shoe counter bar is a main feature; Seating 24 people in this area alone. Huge by Tokyo standards! Customers arriving early for a date take advantage of the chance to relax at the bar and chat to the barmen before moving to their favorite booths or tables seating 80+.

Singles are welcome and the counter bar design makes it easy to strike up a conversation with others around.



Draught Beers-Pints Cocktails- Wine- Whiskey-48 kinds
Guinness-¥1050 Long Mixes-¥800 Glass-¥850 Basic-¥700
Original Craft Ales Super Mixes-¥1000 Bottle-¥4.200

Single Malts-¥950~

4 x Craft Ales-¥950 Complex Long Mix-¥850 Red-Australia Bourbons-¥700~
Bass-¥1050 Shakes-¥950~ White-Australia Shots-¥550~
Lowenbrau-¥1000 Frozen Cocktails-¥1200~ Sparkling-Spain  
Asahi SD-¥1000      


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Long Mixes

NB: Single mearures are 35ml and this is the base for our mixes

Long Mix




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