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Where's the beef?

Started in 1998, our Sunday Carvery, thanks to you all, has become a Tokyo institution.

As prices have slowly risen 40% of the past months, we must offer a new deal from Oct 4th 2015. The All-You-Can-Eat deal is off. We will try to maintain the three meat selection: Beef, lamb and pork.

As each roast takes several hours to cook, our chef takes a punt on how many to prepare for each week. Some times he gets it right. Sometimes he doesn't. Sometimes we sell out before 2:00pm and sometimes we are still serving at 3:00pm. The only thing we can be sure about is that the early bird most definitely gets the beef.

The Sunday System: The New Deal

The Carvery will be ready between noon and 12:30pm (depending on the size of the meats) and is available until it is gone.

Reservations are accepted until 12:30pm. After that there are no guarantees.

On arrival, you will be asked to prepay ¥3,000 for your first carvery plate and first drink.

You will recieve a" carvery token" and a "drink token"

All-you-can-eat is dead. If you wish a second helping of food, we ask you to purchase another "Carvery Refill Token" for ¥1,000.

Drinks are served from the bar on a cash-on- delivery/ token basis - just any local pub in the UK.