Brewing School



January 2018 saw the establishment of Ikari Brewing School with the aim to introduce British craft ale production to three kinds of people. All programes are in English and Japanese.

1) The Curious: Program runs for 2 hours +/- and is aimed at answering the question "How to make beer". It is a brief introduction to the ins and outs of ingredients, equipment required and an introduction to the set up.

Fee: ¥12,000 includes a clean suit, text and the use of some wellies.

2) The Kit Brewer: This program runs for 4 hours, on Day 1, and 2 hours, on Day 2, for bottling at a later stage.

Many are interested in kit brewing but lack the space or equipment to try it out. In the brewery I have the equipment, and can walk you through the process and help you produce your first batch. This way you can see if you want to invest in kettles and fermenting vessels for a long term hobby.

Fee: ¥21,000 includes a clean suit, use of wellies,use of a small26l fermentor and the use of a keg for secondary fermenting, a bottling system and capping device. You need to additionally provide the kit, suitable number of bottles bottles and caps.

3) The serious: This program runs for three days covering the main aspects of brewing and a hands-on walk through of one batch production from start to finish. For those who plan to open their own brewery in the future. or plan to work in brewing.

Fee; ¥75,000 includes a clean suit, text, the use of wellies, lectures and four pints at the Meguro Tavern

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